Nov 22, 2010

Inspirational readings

Pritish Nandy in his blog, "India is not corrupt", argues that 90% of Indians are honest and hard-working, and only 10% of the ruling elite is corrupt, which grabs all the loot, forms supremely networked club of bandits and robber barons, manipulates politics and policy, and most importantly, protects each other when the chips are down, and is spread across all political parties. How can the rest 90% take on this 10% and seize back what is rightfully ours? Remember each person has one vote!

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  1. May be he is right, may be Indians are not that good relative basis at advancing them self by inefficient use of resources. On the other hand western world is good at that. If you think rationally, more or less resources are same in India (air water minerals people), they also are homo-sapiens :)...and they had enough time to why are they so many problems ? there has to be a reason. Laziness ? easy money ? free loading ? cutting corners ? in all aspects economic, technological, educational, political...why is that ?